building software

This page highlights some of the open source projects I’ve developed over the years. I’ve used them as an opportunity to expand my skill set, use a variety of languages and technologies, and explore different facets of software engineering. Many of these experiences have not only honed my technical abilities, but enhanced my understanding of how technology can be leveraged to solve complex problems and improve user experiences. My work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Large-scale modern web applications
  • Financial technologies (payment processing/billing systems)
  • Native desktop software
  • Mobile applications (both native & PWA)
  • Command-line tools and utilities
  • Real-time communication platforms/protocols
  • Secure networking & software protection solutions
  • API Wrappers


  • summawise – Summarize/analyze information from files, links, directories, and vectorized data using OpenAI’s models. Explore data further and generate code/information using an interactive prompt for deep dives into content. The beta API features that are implemented make it superior to a standard LLM in the context of code generation relative to existing context/codebases. Written in Python. (Active open-source project.)
  • clinbox – Command line application to generate and access disposable email addresses. Written in Rust.
  • telego – A Telegram Bot API Wrapper written in Go.
  • – An unofficial Mixer API wrapper including web sockets for real time chat & issuing commands. Written in Python.
  • mystipy – Command line application to obfuscate, compress, and encrypt data. Written in Python.
  • SafeRequest – Open source .NET networking library to allow encrypted JSON data to be transferred between client and server. Written in C# and PHP.
  • cilense – Password protected, socket based chat rooms with a focus on privacy & security. Written in JS (Vue) and Go.
  • ilgen-convert – Convert .NET assembly code to dynamically invoked methods. Written in C#.
  • Dynago – Video game modding software (CSGO) which uses .NET CodeDom compiler to create a unique version of itself. Functions in an external process via memory manipulation. Written in C# and built with WinForms.
  • ByteSurf – Website to watch movies/anime, including proprietary web scraping tools to retrieve other media and
    upload it to our own CDN.
  • hayste – Web panel to automatically claim Steam Community IDs using web scraping. Supports multi-threading
    and runs across a distributed network of nodes. Written in JS (React) and Python (Django).
  • ClienTell – A mobile app that allows business owners and contractors to rate their clients. Written in JS (Vue) and
    Go, built on the Ionic Framework.
note: this list only includes select projects from my open source portfolio, but more can be found on my github.
unfortunately, most of my best work is private.